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Frequently Asked Questions



When will my aid be done? Students need to be admitted to the University and have a complete financial aid application prior to our office reviewing their eligibility.  Students who are anticipating a fall begin date; we begin our review process of financial aid applications in early March.  If you are applying to UNH for the spring term, we begin to review spring admits in November.

We haven’t received anything from the Financial Aid Office?  The Financial Aid Office does not send out paper notifications.  Emails are sent to students when we need additional materials to complete an application AND when the financial aid eligibility has been determined.  The student can access what is missing or view the aid package by logging into Blackboard:Check Aid Status .  This is not information that is accessed through the Parent Portal.

Why do you need my tax information; I put that information on the FAFSA? Some students are selected for a process called Verification; generally this is a random sampling of applicants by the Federal Processor.  We are required to obtain ‘official’ IRS tax information Financial Aid News and we also require a Verification Worksheet Form for academic year 2015-2016 which you can print and send to us.

I do not want all of my loan funds, how do I decline a loan?  You can decline or reduce a loan by letting the Financial Aid Office know.  You can call our office (603) 862-3600, email Contact Us or complete a Loan Adjustment Form. Please be aware, if your loan has already been credited to your tuition account, cancelling the loan may result in a balance due. 

When will my pending aid pay to my bill?  Federal aid and loans will not pay to your account until 10 days before classes begin each semester.  The aid will show as a pending credit on your bill and will be reflected as a credit in your Net Balance Due.  You will not be charged a late fee if the bill is covered by a pending item.

I am going to be living off-campus next year; will financial aid cover my rent? There are no specific funds available for housing, on or off campus.  If you have a credit on your student account (money left over after the bill is paid) you can request that amount be refunded to you through direct deposit to help you with your off-campus expenses.  If you do not have a credit, you may be able to borrow additional funds through an Alternative Private Education Loan or the PLUS.  There is more information on these loans at Financing Options.